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Service feature

Our understanding of precision and reliability goes well beyond our products.

That is why we provide our customers with comprehensive service in the Klingelnberg business areas, with a focus on individual, customer-specific requirements. Be it all-round support throughout the lifecycle of the machine or individual service modules – made-to-measure, coordinated solution packages and competent discussion partners are the norm at Klingelnberg.

Our well-trained, highly motivated, and experienced service technicians are available in every phase of the lifecycle of your Klingelnberg machines and measuring devices. Comprehensive care is also guaranteed by our help desks, providing support for all your questions and requests.

Klingelnberg provides a range of interlinked services for your machine, which you can use as an overall package or in modules. In our lifecycle, you are guaranteed to find the offer that perfectly matches your ideas and meets your requirements; we would be pleased to develop the specific individual design together with you.

Our service advantages for you

Service feature

Competent and comprehensive service

  • Maximum flexibility thanks to fast response times
  • Outstanding technical expertise from trained service technicians with many years of experience in-house and in the field
  • Less working time due to previous targeted remote maintenance
  • Well-networked, international locations
  • Excellent planning reliability due to precisely customized maintenance agreements
  • Tailor-made solution concepts
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Klingelnberg Lifecycle-Management

Tailor-made solutions concepts

Klingelnberg provides a range of interlinked services for your machine, which you can use as an overall package or in modules. In our lifecycle, you are guaranteed to find the offer that perfectly matches your ideas and meets your requirements; we would be pleased to develop the specific individual design together with you.


The perfect start to your production

From exact installation to precise setting of the machines, Klingelnberg provides qualified commissioning and final acceptance:

  • Machine installation worldwide at the customer's site 
  • Complex project management by qualified, committed employees
  • Immediate availability of machinery ensured

    Maintenance Contracts

    Safeguarding smooth process sequences

    Continuous, reliable maintenance of machinery for smooth process sequences – a central service of Klingelnberg:

    • Basic technical agreements (recommended manufacturer standard) for achieving maximum productivity 
    • Extended service agreements with the option of extending the fields of activity – tailored to customer requirements
    • Range of maintenance agreements for new machines and existing machines
    • Remote service / remote maintenance – special service tool that can be used at any time for quick solution analysis via remote connection to the machine
    • Prevention of machine failures through regular maintenance and the associated quality assurance and machine performance

          Production Support

          Technical expertise for maximum reliability

          Klingelnberg also offers its customers constructive support from staff during the production process:

          • Assistance with machine operation
          • To safeguard maximum output, we provide our customers with reliable, competent machine operators to cover staff shortages 
          • Staff training from starting up a machine to recognizing machine malfunctions


            Continuous precision and optimum performance

            Klingelnberg precision measuring technology ensures that regular workpiece measurement takes place and that basic accuracy is verified:

            • Available as an individual service
            • Reliably reproducible determination and documentation of deviations
            • Validation of basic accuracy with certified normals

              Spare Parts & Repair

              We’re Ready for Anything

              Original spare parts mean top-notch quality and maximum safety. The modern, perfectly organized Klingelnberg warehousing system makes spare parts available quickly:

              • More than 100,000 materials can be stocked
              • Spare part availability guaranteed for at least 10 years
              • Parts dispatched on same day if order received by 12 noon
              • Perfect coordination to the respective machine type

                      Retrofitting & Overhauling

                      Ensuring Quality for the Long Run

                      The tried-and-tested superior manufacturing quality of a Klingelnberg machine ensures excellent productivity and high-quality production over many years, but a machine’s lifecycle is also greatly influenced by routine machine care. After several years of operation, a replacement of used components during an overhaul is therefore often unavoidable. Component replacement ultimately ensures the quality of your machines and production for years to come:

                      • A comprehensive service concept meticulously developed for you following an extensive inspection
                      • Individually tailored to your particular requirements, an entire range of different service modules are available for long-term support


                      Keep Up-to-Date on the Latest – with Expert Seminars

                      Modern technology is constantly changing. That's why it's so important to keep up with the latest in technical knowledge. Expert seminars by Klingelnberg are the perfect way to do this. Klingelnberg training courses are offered throughout the year, either according to the training schedule or based on customer requirements. Basic technical principles are taught in these courses. In addition to pure theory, participants also have the opportunity to have a glimpse “behind the scenes”. For all machines included in the product range, maintenance training is available on request.

                      Grinding Service

                      Blade precision from the first grinding to the last

                      You can also make use of our comprehensive complete service from the manufacture of new stick blades, to sharpening and re-coating, to the delivery of fully set-up cutter heads.

                      • Optimum order processing, on-time delivery
                      • State-of-the-art production machinery, adjusting and measuring devices
                      • Top-quality precision, confirmed by measurement reports
                      • Decentralized organization of grinding service centers worldwide

                      Closed Loop System

                      More Efficient Production

                      Improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of your production thanks to intelligent networking on the shop floor. A central production database and networked processing and measuring machines are at the core of the closed loop concept. The production simulation used in the KIMoS software to develop and optimize gearings provides the data records required for efficient manufacturing.

                      • Data management for optimizing production and ensuring improved efficiency and quality
                      • Lower scrap rates and significantly reduced machine setup times


                      We are there for you

                      Klingelnberg ensures the availability of qualified employees as follows:

                      Monday to Friday: 7 am to 5 pm (CET)

                      Helpdesk Machine Tools Bevel Gear Technology
                      Fon: +49 2192 81-534
                      Fax: +49 2192 81-524
                      E-mail: TSM-H(at)

                      Helpdesk Machine Tools Cylindrical Gear Technology
                      Fon: +49 7243 599-176
                      Fax: +49 7243 599-278
                      E-mail: TSM-O(at)

                      Helpdesk Precision Measuring Centers
                      Fon: +49 2192 81-272
                      Fax: +49 2192 81-514
                      E-mail: TSP-H(at)

                      Service Gate

                      Quick and easy remote diagnosis

                      All machines can now be equipped with a LAN modem for remote diagnosis. The LAN modem automatically establishes a tunnel to the Klingelnberg server, ensuring secure handling of the data.



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